Book Size: 8.5" x 10.75"

Pages: 160

Format: Hardback & Paperback

ISBN: 9781566567244 HB
ISBN: 9781566560580 PB

Imprint: Interlink Books

Edition: 1

Illustrations: full-color throughout


Cucina Napoletana

100 Recipes from Italy's Most Vibrant City


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“Grab a copy… you’ll feel very Roman indeed.” — Juliette Rossant,

About this book

Naples, in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, is a vibrant, passionate city with food to match.

It is famed as the birthplace of the original wood-fired pizza. Its food traditions also embrace a wealth of seafood recipes, countless vegetable and pasta dishes, as well as sinful desserts. The Napoletana cuisine makes maximum use of fruit and vegetables grown on the rich volcanic soil, mono-cultivar olive oils, and creamy buffalo mozzarella.

Cucina Napoletana includes an extensive selection of the best of the region's classic and innovative recipes, with additional features on key ingredients, the part they play in Naples cuisine, and how they are produced. Local chef Arturo Iengo presents the best of Campanian cuisine: uncomplicated recipes that are as perfect for everyday meals as they are for entertaining. And with its stunning photographs taken in and around the city, Cucina Napoletana is as visually appetizing as the cuisine of this captivating city.


About the author

Arturo Lengo is an internationally renowned chef and restaurateur who has lived and worked in Naples since 1975.


“Does the world need another Italian cookbook? By all means, if it so perfectly captures the food / dietary “it” intrinsic to nearly all regions of Italy. In ‘Cucina Napoletana’, Arturo Iengo points to the rich volcanic soil (Mt. Vesuvius), a teeming Mediterranean sea, and cucina povera, or poor man’s food, as the primary influential factors for the region’s culinary worthiness. In his selection of recipes, Iengo prioritizes fresh ingredients ‘used in simple but flavorful combinations to make the most of what is on hand.'” — Foreword Magazine

“Books on Italian cooking abound, but few of them focus on the food of Naples. Iengo, a Neapolitan chef, presents 100 recipes for both rustic traditional dishes and more contemporary ones, including, of course, a variety of pizzas (Naples is considered the home of the wood-fired pizza). There are also striking color photographs of the city and its harbor as well as photos of many of the recipes.” — Library Journal

“The cuisine of the Bay of Naples and Campania is all about fresh ingredients, and the flavors of food grown in the volcanic soil of Mount Vesuvius. Arturo’s book is an excellent introduction into the simple cuisine (cucina povra) of Naples and the surrounding countryside. Grab a copy… you’ll feel very Roman indeed.” — Juliette Rossant,