Book Size: 8.5" x 11"

Pages: 104

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781566568661


Imprint: Interlink Books

Edition: 1

Illustrations: full color photos

Release date: 01/09/11


One World Kids Cookbook

Easy, Healthy, and Affordable Family Meals


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“This is a brilliant idea and a great cookbook for children. There are so many amazing flavors and ingredients from around the world- it’s great to discover them and be inspired like this at a young age.” — Gordon Ramsay

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About this book

This healthy eating cookbook is aimed at encouraging young people to think about what they eat through emphasizing the importance of a balanced diet.

It contains kitchen tips and suggests vegetarian substitutes to the meat recipes. One World Kids Cookbook aims to instill a passion for good, wholesome, healthy food as well as a passion for life.

- Fabulous dishes from around the world- from jollof rice to fajitas

- Easy-to-follow instructions with step-by-step color photos

- Recipes made with no-fuss ingredients found in your local supermarket

- Fascinating facts and stunning photos on all countries featured


About the author

Sean Mendez is a documentary filmmaker and the founder of Solidarity Sports, a charity that inspires children to reach their full potential through healthy living projects


“This is a brilliant idea and a great cookbook for children. There are so many amazing flavors and ingredients from around the world- it’s great to discover them and be inspired like this at a young age.” — Gordon Ramsay

“International recipes for families interested in cooking a variety of world cuisines together… This colorful, amply illustrated cookbook emphasizes the educational, nutritional and social benefits of cooking with children…The emphasis here is on fun, collaboration, invention and food as an engaging art rather than exact science; ‘tasty tips’ following recipes invite children to try variations (which always include a vegetarian option)…Recipes feel approachable…ingredients are laid out clearly, with equivalent temperatures and metric measurements… This cookbook offers complex, authentic international flavors without overcomplicating the process, and the result is something you’d really enjoy having for dinner… A deliciously engaging fusion of cookbook and cultural lesson.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Books like this allow food to have an important social value.” —Ferran Adria, named World’s Greatest Chef five times by Restaurant Magazine

“Mendez offers up such tantalizing facts to introduce featured recipes from respective countries in this delightful procession of international culinary dishes”Myriad international cookbooks for kids have some great recipes, but few provide such a wealth of eclectic information to enhance the cultural aspects of food in addition to providing safety tips, tasty tips, and national facts, ‘One World Kids Cookbook’ is a suitable literary appetizer for global nutrition or cultural studies.” — School Library Journal

“Sean Mendez’s ‘One World Kids Cookbook’ starts with a strong foreword by Ferran Adria… The book is full of healthy recipes from around the world. The recipes are easy to read, and easy to follow. They have step-by-step photos of children making them, and “tasty tips” to handle problems. There are not only recipes, but also plenty of maps, pictures, and illustrations from 19 countries-plus smoothies from more countries… I like this book. It has plenty of pictures and information- and most kids could make the recipes with a little help.” — Super Chef

“One World Kids Cookbook is a cookbook for children and their families. It was written by Sean Mendez, and includes recipes from 19 different countries…I really like the pictures that show children making each recipe. All of the recipes look very tasty, even though some of them are different from what I would normally eat. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes good food and learning. It can help kids and their families learn about other countries while cooking.” — IndyKids by Amelia Loeffler

“Kitchens are real-life laboratories where kids not only can explore the way foods and flavors combine, but also can improve their ability to read and follow directions. They learn new skills…They sample different foods and learn to appreciate the work that goes into producing a meal- the work that Mom and Dad have been doing for them since they were born….A new cookbook, ‘One World Kids Cookbook: Easy, Healthy and Affordable Family Meals’…also teaches kids about foods from different cultures….[and] provides step-by-step photos of children cooking each dish…. healthy eating adventures for the whole family.” —

“Big up to all the young people who helped to create this fabulocious book! I think it’s fantastic when young people get into the kitchen and express themselves through flavors and recipes; and with this book, I’m certainly inspired!” — Levi Roots

“One World Kids Cookbook is a pick for kids in grades 4-6 and offers a blend of healthy cooking and international recipes the entire family can use. Dishes from around the world offer insights into various ethnic varieties while photos of children from around the world, kitchen tips, vegetarian substitutions for meats, and more create a lovely blend of geography and cultural insights and culinary fun. A top recommendation, this will introduce kids to foreign foods.” — Midwest Book Review