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Release date: 11/20/16

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Kahlil Gibran

Beyond Borders

By & Kahlil Gibran

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“A splendid biography…” — The Boston Globe

About this book

Painter and poet, immigrant, rebel, global citizen, author of the beloved classic, The Prophet.

Kahlil Gibran: Beyond Borders tells the inspiring saga of the artist's life and creative vision Gibran's story is one of overcoming barriers faced by many immigrants at the turn of the twentieth century - and still today.

From his childhood and spiritual roots in Mount Lebanon to the city wilderness of urban America; from his apprenticeships in the creative circles of Boston, Beirut, Paris, and New York to his art and activism for "Greater Syria"; and from his friendships and loves to his emergence during the populist waves of the early 1900s as a people's poe, Gibran crafted an art embracing a universal message that has become treasured in over forty languages. Exiled between the worlds and conflicts of the Middle East and the West, Gibran defied boundaries to assert a vision of an underlying humanity and faith that people share.

This colorful, richly illustrated biography draws on a lifetime of dedicated, persistent research to bring Gibran's compelling story into our time. It will make obsolete all previous accounts and will become the definitive study of this extraordinary and well-loved writer.


About the authors

Jean Gibran is the author of Love Made Visible: Scenes from a Mostly Happy Marriage. She has worked closely with her husband in researching and writing Kahlil Gibran: Beyond Borders

The younger Kahlil Gibran, a noted Boston sculptor, is the poet's cousin and namesake. Over a forty-year period, he was entrusted with a formidable body of work left by the poet.


“A splendid biography…” — The Boston Globe

“A solid biography… exhaustive… attractive to anyone who has been touched by his writings.” — Booklist

“The text extends an appreciation of Gibran’s oeuvre far beyond his best-known work, with a close reading of art exhibitions, newspaper articles and poems. The reminiscences of family members and friends, access to archives worldwide and support from the Middle East-themed Interlink Books and its ongoing Gibran Project have helped the authors write an essential biography- which also answers the question: How did a Lebanese boy born with the name Jubran Khalil Jubran become known to the world as Kahlil Gibran?” — Aramco World

“In an age of rising populism, fear and xenophobia, what better time to read a rich enlightening book on love, multiculturalism, inspiration and beauty chronicling the life and work of a man who transcends borders and generations… Kahlil Gibran: Beyond Borders is a must-read for anyone who delighted in The Prophet, contemplated The Madman, was transported by The Broken Wings, haunted by Jesus, The Son of Man, and mesmerized by a copious portfolio of art… The 21-chapter, 524-page tome published by Interlink Books is an amazing meal of mezze (nibbling dishes), main courses, and desserts served with a generous dose of requisite arak (the anise and grape drink of his native land) to wash down all the delectable ingredients… The authors Kahlil G. Gibran, Gibran’s late cousin, and wife Jean, provide readers with a wealth of information, archival photos, drawings, sketches, paintings, newspaper clippings, copies of publications, notes, references to heritage and immigration, and a fulsome bibliography that would please researchers, scholars, and just plain fans who know of the man’s words from books, quotations, and greeting cards… From a village atop the Qadisha Valley where Gibran was born, to his father’s arrest on embezzlement charges when he was eight, to his mother’s decision to pack up her children and head for America, to the evolution of his talents and renown, it’s a story worthy of an epic Hollywood movie.” — The Huffington Post

About the Author

The younger Kahlil Gibran, a noted Boston sculptor, is the poet’s cousin and namesake. Over a forty-year period, he was entrusted with a formidable body of work left by the poet.

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