Book Size: 7.5" x 6.7"

Pages: 224

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781623716967

Imprint: Interlink Books

Release date: Spring 2024


Why Aren't We Talking About This?!

An Inclusive Illustrated Guide to Life in 100+ Questions


$ 22

About this book

An inclusive guide to the biggest questions we ask search engines about our bodies, our brains, and how we live together in society.

What is the most personal thing you've asked the Internet? Illustrator Hazel Mead turns to Google to uncover what we secretly ask search bars about our relationships, bodies, and identities. With hundreds of demystifying and empowering illustrations, she offers a fun, shame-free, and inclusive guide to life's big questions. This is the emotional curriculum you'll wish was taught in every classroom.

What if there was a book that explored the big lessons of life? Sure, formal education will equip you with requisite knowledge on photosynthesis. But when it comes to spotting the green flags in a prospective partner, navigating yours or a loved one's grief, knowing how to prepare for a cervical screening, or to practicing self-defense, it can feel like total guesswork.

Using the latest research, interviews with experts, and her signature visuals, Hazel interrogates the taboos that shame us into silence. Since the answers to life's big questions are rarely black and white, she answers them in color, with accessible design, and compassionate reflections. Why Aren't We Talking About This?! is an exploration of the things we're too afraid to ask but desperately need to know and talk about for greater acceptance of others and ourselves. It's a bold invitation to forget normal and embrace what makes you unique.

The book features interviews and expert advice from:

Psychotherapist and grief expert, Dr. Julia Samuel @juliasamuelmbe

Clinical Psychologist, Dr Karen Gurney @thesexdoctor

Asexual Activist, writer and model Yasmin Benoit @theyasminbenoit

Anxiety Therapist, Joshua Fletcher @anxietyjosh

Journalist and founder of the Femedic, Monica Karpinski @thefemedic

Founder of Defend Yourself self-defense trainer, Lauren R. Taylor @thedefendyourself


About the author

After studying Fine art and Illustration at Coventry University Hazel pursued her childhood dream of becoming an illustrator. She loves combining beautiful imagery and diverse characters with meaning and story, and often create social commentary images that tackle taboos. As an ideas generator she finds joy the process of using illustration to solve clients’ communication needs.


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