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Walking in Jordan

Walks, Treks, Caves, Climbs, and Canyons

By & Tony Howard

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About this book

It is rare for a book of this nature to describe such a wealth of previously unknown and varied terrain. But here in Walking in Jordan the authors' discoveries reveal an unexpected land of forested hills, beautiful dales carpeted in flowers, huge canyons sometimes with fast-flowing rivers, recently discovered caves, perfect limestone cliffs in wooded valleys and high mountains with lunar landscapes.

This book not only gives descriptions to well over 100 routes - almost all previously unknown - but also indicates many still unexplored areas for those who wish to make their own discoveries. It gives detailed information on how to get there, when to go, what to take and everything you need to know about the routes. In so doing, it offers visitors an opportunity to see and experience a country of great antiquity and previously unsuspected remarkable beauty, making a plea to respect the land and its people, both largely unspoiled by tourism.


About the author

Di Taylor and Tony Howard have been climbing and trekking in the mountains of North Africa and the Middle East for well over 30 years. They were responsible for the discovery in 1984 of the Wadi Rum in south Jordan as a climbing and trekking area. Since then they have returned to Jordan every year, always managing to find some time to explore other parts of the country between world famous sites of antiquity such as Petra, Pella, Ajlun and Kerak. They were also invited to document the superlative routes to be found in Jordan’s recently formed Nature Reserves, in particular the mountains and canyons of Dana and Mujib and once again in their favorite desert area of Wadi Rum which was declared a National Park in 1998 – a status they had long fought for, in support of the local Bedouin people.

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Walks , Treks , Caves , Climbs , and Canyons


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