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Pages: 272

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781566560061

Imprint: Interlink Books

Edition: 1

Photography by: Rob Palmer

Release date: 04/15/17



A Culinary Journey through Malta, Lebanon, Iran, Turkey, Morocco, and Andalucia

By • Photography by Rob Palmer

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“Delia doesn’t just reproduce the region’s foods; he reimagines many of them radically, even to transgressing dietary laws by cooking pork belly with Iranian spicing. ” — Booklist

About this book

From Morocco, Malta, and Andalusia in the West, to Turkey, Lebanon, and Iran in the East, the food and flavors of the Middle East permeate almost every aspect of daily life.

Orange blossom and rose petals, spice-encrusted slow-cooked meats, fermented yogurts, dates, and olives- these are the flavors that have entranced visitors for centuries and that have recently experienced a surge in popularity in Western kitchens. Award-winning Maltese-Australian chef Shane Delia journeys to both the well-trodden souks and private dining rooms of locals across six countries, in search of the most exciting local flavors to bring back to his kitchen.

East/West offers 80 recipes, distilled for the home cook. Accompanied by hundreds of stunning images shot on location, this is a book for foodies and anyone who has ever dreamed of taking their own culinary journey.


About the author

Shane Delia is the star of the television show, “Shane Delia’s Spice Journey,” and the chef and owner of Maha restaurant and Biggie Smalls Kebab Shop. He is based in Melbourne, Australia. His Lebanese wife Maha is the inspiration and namesake of his restaurant. Together they have two children, daughter Jayda and son Jude. This is his second book.


“Noting the latitudinal boundaries of the countries in this handsome cookbook’s subtitle, students of history will quickly get the gist. This ‘East’ to ‘West’ culinary journey is ‘deeply rooted’ in the author’s Phoenician heritage, a legacy of trade and travel dating to antiquity. Yet the equally adventurous modern cook will appreciate the creative range of recipes offered here, rooted in tradition, yet updated for the contemporary, albeit sophisticated, kitchen. Starting in Malta, his ancestral home, chef Shane Delia provides a version of the island’s signature dish: rabbit stew. Due east lies Lebanon, where traditional baked bulgar (kibbeh) is nuanced with tomato, mint and pomegranate molasses. From Turkey comes Delia’s own twist on Turkish delight, made from fine semolina and candied, spiced pumpkin. Beautiful photographs highlight the rich diversity of these cultural cuisines.”

“Chef Delia wants to reveal the breadth of flavors that extend from one end of the Mediterranean basin to the other. As a native of Malta, smack in the middle of the Mediterranean, he knows the region well. For untold centuries, traders have carted wares from Gibraltar to the Middle East and from Europe to Africa. This has given the region many commonalities despite the very diverse cultures surrounding the sea. Delia has special fondness for Maltese pastizzi, buttery-crusted bread dumplings stuffed with pork, peas, and mint, curiously marinated in decidedly Asian soy and fish sauces. Lebanon contributes chicken wings with sour cherry barbecue sauce. A Moroccan tagine enriches potatoes and eggplant with lamb and sprinkles of walnuts, dates, and ginger. Delia doesn’t just reproduce the region’s foods; he reimagines many of them radically, even to transgressing dietary laws by cooking pork belly with Iranian spicing. The color photographs throughout enhance the whole experience of this cookbook.” — Booklist

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