Traditional Palestinian Costume

Origins and Evolution

by Hanan Karaman Munayyer
foreword by Hanan Mikhail Ashrawi

Pre-order this book and we will plant an olive tree in Palestine!

Here’s how to take part:

  • Pre-order the book from a vendor of your choice before April 1, 2020

  • Send your receipt to: with “Plant an Olive Tree” in the subject line

  • You will receive a color certificate in your name for planting one olive tree in Palestine through Zatoun’s Trees for Life program

Pre-order the book from Interlink Publishing

Why is this book so important?

We have published this magnificent 560-page, lavishly illustrated book because we believe it is a must-have for every household that feels strongly about preserving Palestinian culture. It will make a beautiful gift for Palestinian friends and family, or be the perfect coffee table book to have in your own personal collection. It is a celebration of a rich history that is reflected in its costumes and embroidery, and the textiles that have long played an important role in Palestinian culture and identity.

In the words of Interlink Founder and Publisher Michel Moushabeck:

“Leafing through the pages of Traditional Palestinian Costume: Origins and Evolution you will find Palestine through culture and the poetry of patterns and not headlines and sound bites; through boldness of color not repression and horror; through style, design and needlepoint not walls, illegal settlements, and checkpoints. Dress has always been the marker of settled and cultured societies. Every costume, every coin headdress, every jacket, every cloak has a story, a history, a village, a community, and a society in which it has developed thus making the book itself an act of resistance in the face of those trying to deny our existence. Hanan Munayyer’s book represents nonviolent resistance at its best. It shows between its covers the intricate stitches of Palestinian history and displays on every page the enduring patterns of Palestinian culture. Most importantly, you will glimpse in every piece of embroidery the unshakable identity of a proud people. In short, this magnificent book voices a strong message that Palestine was, Palestine is, and Palestine will be_no matter what deniers of Palestinian identity say.”

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“A mesmerizing must-have coffee table book.” _Elle (Middle East)

Traditional Palestinian Costume is a magnificent work of deep love; among the most elegant artistic productions between two covers I have seen… Meeting this book is like opening a treasure box. Congratulations on your gift to the Palestinian nation, the Arab heritage and indeed the cultural legacy of the world….” _Dick Doughty, Managing Editor, AramcoWorld


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