Stay Safe. Keep Interlink Alive: Order Books Online with Free Delivery

Our hearts and minds are preoccupied and heavy with uncertainty. We see places of worship without worshipers, airports without passengers, grocery stores without groceries, and, yes, bookstores without book lovers. The economic fallout from this pandemic and its impact on indie publishers and booksellers is incalculable. But life must go on despite the virus. And independent booksellers and publishers need your love and support now more than ever before. Large corporations may receive government bailouts; indie publishers will have a tough time surviving and may fold. In short, all we have is YOU, our readers, friends, and longtime supporters. So while you are social-distancing at home, please order your books online from our website. We guarantee FREE DELIVERY and shipment within 24 hours–as quickly as we can while keeping our staff safe.

During these difficult times, we hope you’ll find shelter and inspiration in literature. Below, you can browse new titles for your coronavirus lockdown reading pleasure. We will beat this nasty virus with love, friendship, connectedness, good food, and great books. The written word, printed books, and indie publishers and booksellers will survive. You can help by:

– Signing up for our weekly e-newsletter and following us on social media
– Visiting and reading about our latest books
– Ordering books online, and telling family and friends to do the same
– Calling your senator and representative and asking them to do everything they can to support small businesses

Be safe and well. Thank you for your support.

Michel Moushabeck