Book Size: 9" x 11"

Pages: 208

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781566568814

Imprint: Interlink Books

Edition: 1

Photography by: Sanjay Ramchandran

Illustrations: full-color photos

Release date: 01/04/12


Pure and Simple

Homemade Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

By • Photography by Sanjay Ramchandran

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“A good starter book for Indian cuisine that isn’t whitewashed restaurant food. Great illustrations for food and processes, and a huge variety of recipes… Verdict: Check it out.” — Cook and the Books

About this book

With step-by-step photographs for over 100 classic and contemporary vegetarian recipes, Pure and Simple makes preparing Indian food absolutely easy.

Whether you are whisking yogurt or kneading dough, each recipe includes step-by-step photographs so that you can check to make sure you are achieving the right result at each stage. Pure and Simple also includes information on spices, vegetables, and kitchen tools, along with useful tips for each recipe. A separate section on cooking processes is helpful for both beginning and experienced cooks.


About the author

Vidhu Mittal is one of India’s best known culinary experts and the author of the best-selling Pure and Simple: Homemade Indian Vegetarian Cuisine. Based in Bangalore, she has been conducting cooking classes for over 20 years and is a regular contributor to international magazines and specialized websites. She has spent many years creating a wide range of simple and easy-to-prepare recipes that are flavorful, colorful, and delicious.


“Diners hesitant to attempt Indian dishes will be reassured by the steady, reassuring voice of culinary expert Mittal. In this collection of over 100 classic and contemporary dishes, readers are guided, literally, through step by step instructions…Approachable enough for a beginner…Mittal has an eye for presentation as well…home cooks will find this a handy, confidence-building guide to vegetarian fare.” — Publishers Weekly

“This colorful, accessible cookbook by a noted Indian cooking teacher and food writer demystifies Indian cuisine for American home cooks with clear, simple instructions accompanied by step-by-step photos…For those interested in adding a colorful side dish to their repertoire or creating an entire Indian vegetarian meal, this is the perfect guide.” — Library Journal

“Beautiful step-by-step photographs of over 100 recipes, both classic and contemporary, with all the information you need about spices, cooking utensils and cooking processes. There are menus and a glossary and the author, based in Bangalore and a vegetarian herself, will set you on the path to a culinary adventure. For starters, try the Mixed Vegetable Pilaf; Basmati rice with potatoes, cauliflower, green peas, cumin, turmeric, and that wonder of Indian cooking”ghee, or clarified butter.” — Publishers Weekly

“That this is not your typical cookbook is evident as your eyes glance over the step-by-step colorful photographs of the more than 100 vegetarian recipes from Uttar Pradesh. India’s most populous state is the native place of the Bangalore-based culinary expert Vidhu Mittal. Also thoughtful is the 9-by-11-inch size of the book, which comes in handy when preparing a recipe. And then there are the separate sections with valuable information on spices, vegetables, legumes and kitchen equipment. A glossary of food and cooking terms is a clever idea. The chapters for the recipes are Drinks, Soups & Salads; Snacks & Appetizers; Main Courses; Rice & Breads; Accompaniments; and Desserts. The recipes tout the title of the book: ‘Pure & Simple’.” — Khaas Baat

“A good starter book for Indian cuisine that isn’t whitewashed restaurant food. Great illustrations for food and processes, and a huge variety of recipes…Verdict: Check it out.” — Cook and the Books