Book Size: 6" x 9"

Pages: 448

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781623717957

Imprint: Interlink Books

Illustrations: Black and white photos

Release date: Spring 2023

Foreword by: Jordan Grafman, Ph.D.

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Pandemic of Delusion

Staying Rational in an Increasingly Irrational World


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“Without the employment of critical thinking by our most famous inventors, scientists, artists, writers, and engineers, most of the achievements that have made human life better for the most part since the Middle Ages would not have occurred. When cultures reject critical thinking, they eventually sink below the intellectual horizon. This book is a remedy for that rejection. So, is this book important and necessary to read? The answer is a resounding yes!” —from the foreword by Jordan Grafman, Ph.D., director of Brain Injury Research and professor, Department of Psychology, Northwestern University

About this book

Resisting the outbreak of virulent delusion in our modern world and contributing to a healthier society by helping people to be more fact-based in their thinking.

As it promised, technology has produced an explosion of information. Unfortunately, much of that information consists of misinformation and seemingly conflicting facts. Our innate capacity to process all these purported facts, to distinguish fact from fiction and truth from lies, has become a nearly impossible challenge.

Yet, it is a challenge that we must meet because actual, verifiable facts and truth do still matter. Pandemic of Delusion is a very readable book that takes you on a wild journey through all of the ways that beliefs are spread and how they break through our defenses to become delusions. It offers practical advice to resist misinformation and to recognize fallacious arguments.

And beyond helping you to merely immunize yourself from delusional thinking, Pandemic of Delusion offers an inspirational vision of lives and societies that embrace the wonder of the universe as seen through science and fact-based thinking.


About the author

Tyson Gill has had a long career as a teacher, research scientist, and computer scientist. His perspectives are shaped by having experienced living in a large number of countries, including teaching in India and working as a Peace Corps volunteer in South Africa. He has been a long-time evangelist for science and fact-based thinking, writing and speaking on a wide range of related topics.


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