Let’s Turn This Crisis Into Change

With your support, we’re working hard to turn this crisis into meaningful change–one book at a time. For nearly 33 years, Interlink Publishing has brought you the power of reading, literature, and great books as well as information vital for participating in our democracy through knowledge and informed debate. This pandemic has only strengthened my deep conviction about the power of literature.

From day one, we have been fiercely committed to our mission and slogan of “Changing the Way People Think about the World.” We remain as committed to this core tenet under lockdown as we were when I first started Interlink Publishing back in 1987 when I was straight out of college. And we shall continue to do what we love to do long after the virus shall come to pass. We wholeheartedly believe that books make the world a better place; they make you feel connected with your neighbors from around the corner and others from around the globe. They are important to the well-being of our society and culture and are indispensable for the health of our democracy.

This pandemic–and the way it is being exploited by the present administration for power and profit–has brought about a stark new reality that has exposed the brutal wounds in our society. As we navigate the “new normal,” deep change is desperately needed to fix long-standing inequities that have only become more pronounced. There never has been a better moment to think about what kind of life we want to rebuild–and what kind of new leadership we want to have–after the virus has evaporated in the hot summer sun.

As we look ahead to our post-pandemic phase, we’re proud to continue to provide you with books that inform, inspire, and entertain, or ones that help you get away from it all while you can’t get away. So let’s keep you company while you keep your distance. Below is this week’s selection of great lockdown reads. Remember, we are still offering a free gift and free shipping until the end of May.

Thank you for your support. Please stay healthy and safe.

Michel Moushabeck