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Pages: 200

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781566564984

Imprint: Interlink Books

Translator: Dina Bosio & Christopher Tingley


The Tree and other Stories


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About this book

Abdallah al-Nasser's attractive collection reveals the art of the short story in all its variety: vivid description is found alongside social satire, political reflection, traditional humorous anecdote and complex allegorical writing. A number of the stories explore, in sometimes subtle and unexpected ways, life in the author's Saudi homeland, considering both traditional aspects and the effect on these of a modern world imposing itself with often bewildering speed. Others reflect on issues in the wider Arab world, and others still deal with timeless elements of the human condition.


About the author

Abdallah al-Nasser was born in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, in 1953 and studied Arabic Literature at al-Imam University, Riyadh. He spent some years in Houston, Texas as editor of the educational magazine Al-Mubtaath and in Algiers as cultural attaché, and is at present cultural attaché in London and editor of Al-Thaqafiyah, a quarterly publication concerned with Arabic culture. His first collection of short stories, The Mirage (1998), dealt especially with the experience of confronting an unbalanced model of modernization.

An uncomplicated yet sophisticated writer, with a vein of satire and humor, he is deeply concerned with the inevitable collision between desert and city.

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al-Nasser, Abdallah

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Bosio , Dina; Tingley , Christopher

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