Book Size: 8" x 10"

Pages: 224

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781566560528

Imprint: Interlink Books

Edition: 1

Illustrations: full-color throughout

Release date: 11/30/15


Gizzi's Healthy Appetite

Food to Nourish the Body and Feed the Soul


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“Award-winning food writer and author of Cook Yourself Thin (2009) Erskine stuns with her new cookbook… This would be a glamorous and healthy addition to most library collections.” — Booklist

About this book

Eat yourself happy with Gizzi Erskine's collection of over 100 of her favorite recipes.

Among the array of incredible dishes, insanely good flavors, and palate-pleasing textures to choose from are the crunchy Marinated Griddled Whole Chicken Caesar salad, spicy Green Chili Pork, Roasted Baby Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce and Crispy Shallots, fresh Tuna Tataki with Yuzu, and the ultimate Korean BBQ. And for a sweet treat, who could resist warm Molten Caramel and Chocolate Pudding, soothing White Chocolate and Cherry Clafoutis, or the fragrant Maple, Orange, and Rosemary Tart? These are dishes that anyone with a healthy appetite will relish.


About the author

Gizzi Erskine is an award-winning chef, food writer, stylist, TV personality, cookbook author, and one of London’s foremost creative talents. She was a professional body piercer for 7 years before deciding to pursue her lifelong dream of being a chef. After graduating top of her class from the prestigious Leith’s School of Food and Wine, she won a placement at BBC GoodFood magazine. Her TV career began with the popular Channel 4 primetime show Cook Yourself Thin and she has since hosted and appeared on Iron Chef, Cookery School with Richard Corrigan, Drop Down Menu, and The Ones to Watch, mentoring the next generation of creative talent alongside Rankin, Idris Elba, and Paloma Faith.

She has recently joined Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Network on YouTube. Always on trend, Gizzi’s pop-up food events are legendary to those in the know. In 2013 she hosted the Observer Food Monthly awards and in 2015 she was once again named one of The Evening Standard’s 1000 Most Influential People. As a food writer, Gizzi was formerly the Sunday Times cook, writing weekly for London’s Sunday Times Magazine. She has also written for a wide variety of other publications such as Marie Claire, Elle, Elle USA, Vogue USA, GQ, InStyle, The Times, and the Evening Standard. Her books include the best-selling Cook Yourself Thin, Gizzi’s Kitchen Magic, and Skinny Weeks & Weekend Feasts.


“Award-winning food writer and author of Cook Yourself Thin (2009) Erskine stuns with her new cookbook. Containing both gorgeous photos and beautiful hand-drawn pictures, Gizzi’s Healthy Appetite is a feast for the eyes as well as a feast for the stomach. Addressing the current trend of ‘clean eating’ when it comes to food, Erskine provides an alternative way to eat nutritiously while still enjoying and savoring food. The chapters are designated by textures and flavors, from ‘slurp’ (smoothies, soups, and noodles) to ‘sweet’ (delicious treats). Each recipe uses fresh ingredients that can be found at most food markets, with a few exceptions. With easy-to-follow instructions and Erskine’s explanation behind each recipe- like the ‘Banana, Date, Almond Milk & Bee Pollen Smoothie, ‘ where she notes that bee pollen may help alleviate allergies- even a novice will feel like an all-star creating these recipes. This would be a glamorous and healthy addition to most library collections.” — Booklist

“Erskine (Skinny Weeks and Weekend Feasts) presents over 100 recipes organized by verb-centric chapters (‘Slurp,’ ‘Crunch,’ ‘Ooze,’ ‘Soothe,’ etc.) as well as a ‘Basics’ chapter, providing direction on homemade stocks, hollandaise sauce, and ‘new basics’ such as cauliflower rice. International flavors permeate the title with dishes such as the lamb ‘shawarma’ with burned pita; hummus and pomegranate tabbouleh; tuna tataki with yuzu, ginger, and crispy garlic; and Korean fried chicken. Short prep and cooking times make for ideal midweek dinners. A brief yet well-chosen selection of desserts includes black velvet cake made with chocolate stout, and a maple syrup, orange, and rosemary tart. Extensive headnotes give the reader insight into the author’s cooking history and provide nutritional information. The book offers whimsical ingredient illustrations, full-page color photos, and a quirky collage of people, places, food, and cats on the end pages. This is an upbeat, inspiring collection just in time to battle the winter blues.” — Publishers Weekly

“Cookbook evolution is now epitomized by charismatic chefs who write well and draw from an international pantry of interesting vegetables, uncommon cuts of meat, and new techniques to create bright, super flavorful, healthy yet craveworthy food. London-based chef and TV personality Gizzi Erskine stepped right out of central casting. Her latest cookbook promptly exploded onto hardcover bestseller lists when first released in the UK.” — Foreword Magazine

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