Our Heartfelt Thanks and a Call for Help

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who came through for us and ordered books online. We are grateful to have such an incredibly caring and responsive community. And I very much appreciated your e-mail messages of support telling me how much you value the work that we do at Interlink. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all in unforeseeable ways, and our thoughts are with those who are experiencing greater hardships and challenges both physically and economically.


For nearly 35 years, Interlink Publishing has been at the forefront of independent publishing, introducing readers to leading novelists from the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America; publishing cutting-edge, socially responsible nonfiction that challenged the norm; and bringing you award-winning cookbooks and multicultural picture books for children from around the world.


The pandemic has brought all of this to a grinding halt. Bookstores are closed; Amazon has put a hold on book orders to prioritize household goods; bookstore orders of our spring/summer titles, which have just been delivered to our warehouse, have canceled; and members of my staff are at risk of losing their jobs.


While we are experiencing the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced, we’re hitting it with all we’ve got. My staff and I are firm believers in the power of solidarity, especially the strong bonds that tie book lovers together. But our plan to survive and our ability to keep going without having to lay off any of our dedicated staff–or fold altogether–will largely depend on YOU, our readers and supporters. So please visit our website, check out our latest releases, and place a book order now. There are books that will inform and inspire you, keep you entertained under lockdown, or transport you to a faraway place while you’re unable to travel. Why not send a book to a loved one you are missing and unable to see? We are offering free delivery on all US orders. 


Be safe and well. And thank you for your continued support.