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Celebrating 25 Years of Independent Publishing
World History/Politics/Current Affairs
Chomsky and Dershowitz
On Endless War and the End of Civil Liberties

Howard Friel

Chomsky and Dershowitz“Howard Friel presents a superb depiction of the adversarial encounter between Noam Chomsky and Alan Dershowitz, two iconic figures of American intellectual life for the past many decades. Friel brilliantly assesses their contradictory political ideas and values, and their influence on our country and the world.”
―Richard Falk, Albert G. Milbank Professor Emeritus of International Law and Practice, Princeton University

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Voice Male
The Untold Story of the Pro-Feminist Men's Movement

edited by Rob A. Okun; foreword by Michael S. Kimmel

Voice MaleVOICE MALE: The Untold Story of the Profeminist Men’s Movement takes you inside one of the most important social justice movements you may never have heard of—the social transformation of masculinity. Although it’s been underway since the late 1970s, it still largely remains under the radar of much of society.

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World Travel
Andalucía Guide, The
Michael Jacobs

Andalucía Guide, TheIn this masterly book, Michael Jacobs looks with fresh eyes at all the traditional delights of Andalucia while doing full justice to the lesser-known aspects of the region. He examines the underrated local food and drink, the extraordinarily varied natural scenery, the composers and writers who created the romantic myths and legends of the nineteenth century, the strange legacy of Lorca and the Spanish Civil War.

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A Cultural Guide

Andrew Beattie

PragueThis book reflects on the the history of Prague, and the modern city, where bold new buildings such as Frank Gehry’s “Dancing House” rub shoulders with monuments from the Gothic and Baroque eras such as the Charles Bridge and St. Vitus’ Cathedral. The Prague revealed is an increasingly confident and diverse city of the new Europe.

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World Travel/Cadogan Guides USA
Bilbao & the Basque Lands (5th ed.)
(Cadogan Guides USA)

Dana Facaros and Michael Pauls

Bilbao & the Basque Lands (5th ed.)“The best guidebook by far in this area…”
—The Sunday Times (London)

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Languedoc-Roussillon (3rd ed.)
(Cadogan Guides USA)

Dana Facaros

Languedoc-Roussillon (3rd ed.)Discover the vibrant cities of Montpellier, Perpignan and Narbonne, the medieval splendor of Carcassonne, lagoons full of oysters and flamingos, medieval Catalan villages in quiet Pyrenean valleys and houseboats lazing down the Canal du Midi, all punctuated by Roman ruins, Cathar castles and Gothic cathedrals.

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Illustrated Gift Books
Faces of Egypt
Images and Observations

Deborah Shea Doyle

Faces of EgyptFor ten years, photographer Deborah Shea Doyle traveled throughout Egypt—from bustling Cairo to remote parts of the Sinai region—to explore the landscape and learn about the lives of ordinary Egyptians...

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Love Wins
Palestinian Perseverance Behind Walls

photography by Afzal Huda; foreword by Phyllis Bennis; conceived by Waleed Abu-Ghazeleh

Love WinsDuring the summer of 2011, armed with a camera and a map, award-winning Canadian filmmaker and photographer Afzal Huda set out to chronicle the Separation Wall in Palestine.

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International Cookbooks
Inside the Lebanese Street Corner Bakery

Barbara Abdeni Massaad; photography by Barbara Abdeni Massaad and Raymond Yazbeck

Man'oushéBarbara Abdeni Massaad’s cookbook is dedicated entirely to the art of creating the perfect man’oushé. With over 70 simple recipes, it offers you a way to enjoy these typical pies—traditionally baked in street corner bakeries—in the comfort of your own home.

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New Middle Eastern Street Food
Snacks, Comfort Food, and Mezze from Snackistan

Sally Butcher

New Middle Eastern Street FoodHot on the heels of The New Middle Eastern Vegetarian, Sally Butcher brings us The New Middle Eastern Street Food Cookbook: a fabulous collection of quick, healthy, and easy-to-prepare recipes from Snackistan, a fictitious land where tummies are always full, and there's a slightly naughty smile on every face. ...

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Crepes, Wraps, and Rolls from around the World

Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra

WrappedWrap! Roll! Eat! Whether as a snack on-the-go or as part of a family feast, wraps or filled pancakes are found on every Main Street and served up in homes the world over.

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Yogurt Cookbook, The
Recipes from Around the World

Arto Haroutunian; photography by Hiltrud Schulz

Yogurt Cookbook, TheYogurt is consumed in a variety of ways in many cultures throughout the world. The author is truly an expert on the subject. He tells us the history of yogurt, how to make it, and how it is easily used in all kinds of delicious recipes.

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Biographies & Memoirs
Cracked Open
Liberty, Fertility, and the Pursuit of High Tech Babies

Miriam Zoll; Judy Norsigian and Michele Goodwin

Cracked Open“Odds are, everything you know about fertility in America is wrong... Miriam Zoll does an enormous service by making public her quest to get pregnant—but her memoir is more than a moving and honest personal story. As a professional human rights and health advocate, she is able to make sense of a confusing morass of studies, statistics, and practices with a scientific rigor that rises to watchdog journalism. May others follow in her stead.”
—Kate Bolick, Contributing Editor, The Atlantic

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Love Made Visible
Scenes from a Mostly Happy Marriage

Jean Gibran; foreword by Charles Giuliano; Afterword by Katherine French


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World Fiction
How to Fight Islamist Terror from the Missionary Position
Tabish Khair

How to Fight Islamist Terror from the Missionary Position

“Smart, funny, and wonderfully irreverent…”
—Mohsin Hamid, author of The Reluctant Fundamentalist

“A story that begins with a guy jerking into a plastic bag and ends with a dream, covering that vast terrain between the two with such a charming and humane ease that it makes you envy Tabish Khair not just for his writing talent but also for his infectious and almost unconditional love for mankind.”
—Etgar Keret, author of Suddenly, a Knock on the Door 

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Other Lives
Iman Humaydan; translated by Michelle Hartman

Other Lives“Did I live many lives or only one life enough for many women?” asks Myriam in Other Lives, a new novel from award-winning Lebanese writer Iman Humaydan.

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On Entering the Sea
The Erotic and Other Poetry of Nizar Qabbani

Nizar Qabbani; translated by Lena Jayyusi, Sharif Elmusa et al.

On Entering the Sea

“One if the greatest love poets of all time…Whether he’s writing of love or war, Qabbani achieves mythic dimensions… a beautiful collection.”

"A generous selection of the work of an important poet in Arabic to the English-speaking world...Qabbani's poems of exile and elegy are especially deeply felt, and he is a poet of subtle intelligence."
–Library Journal

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Persian Love Poetry
selected and translated Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis and Sheila R. Canby

Persian Love PoetryLove is a major theme in Persian poetry and can be interpreted in various ways—as mystic love, the basis of the relationship between humans and God, or as passionate or affectionate love between lovers, husbands and wives, parents and children, family and friends, or even as patriotic love of Iran...

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Language & Reference
Sugar Comes from Arabic (2nd ed)
A Beginner’s Guide to Arabic Letters and Words

Barbara Whitesides

Sugar Comes from Arabic (2nd ed)

A user-friendly Arabic alphabet-and-culture book for complete beginners

"This is a charming, accessible book for all ages. It's informative, fun, and useful."
-- School Library Journal

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World Textiles
A Sourcebook

D. Waller, S. Weir, S. Paine, G. Corrigan, A. Hecht, C. Sayer, C. Spring, J. Hudson, J. Gillow

World TextilesThe essential textile and design source book packed full of vibrant color combinations and magnificent patterns from around the world

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Children's Picture Books
retold and illustrated by Ruth Sanderson

Cinderella A beautiful retelling of the classic tale with lavish full-color oil paintings

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Jewish Fairy Tale Feasts
A Literary Cookbook

retold by Jane Yolen; recipes by Heidi E.Y. Stemple; illustrations by Sima Elizabeth Shefrin

Jewish Fairy Tale Feasts“A spin-off of Fairy Tale Feasts…this time featuring 18 Jewish folktales with related kid-friendly recipes…Fun Jewish sayings are sprinkled in, and Shefrin's textured, collage illustrations add flavor and spice. Meticulous source notes for the retellings and detailed marginalia for each recipe are included… families will want to pore over them, savor them, and enjoy them to the fullest.
School Library Journal

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 When Sorry Is Not Enough   09/30/2014 
 Persiana   10/01/2014 
 Culture Shock & Canapés   10/15/2014 
 Cancer is My Teacher   10/15/2014 
 Ascendant, The   10/15/2014 
 Hummingbirds in My Hair   10/15/2014 
 Simpson & I: Between Two Worlds   10/15/2014 
 Murdered in Chelsea   10/15/2014